MAVEN was established in late Summer of 2014. Owners Meredith Morris and Danai Schulte decided to band together and open up their own unique boutique salon. Having worked in big Beverly Hills salons, both ladies decided it was time for something different. After years of figuring out what was missing from their lives both personally and professionally, they decided they needed to forge a new salon and create a new space not only for themselves but for their clients.

MAVEN was born under the idea of inclusivity. For years everywhere the ladies had worked was about a salon’s exclusivity and high profile. Why couldn’t both co-exist? Exclusive world- class hair services in an environment where all would be welcome, seen, and heard.

Meredith growing up in Mississippi, and Danai on a farm in Bakersfield, CA, the girls chose to get back to their roots. They wanted MAVVEN to have all of the appeal of a small town environment. A salon where you wouldn’t just get great hair, but you would also feel part of a community.

MAVEN is not a salon where clients are rushed in and out, it isn’t salon that works like a factory. The stylists at MAVEN give each client their full attention and clients are with their chosen stylist throughout the duration of their appointment. MAVEN is a place where clients come and work in partnership with their hair stylists to achieve their hair dreams. The stylists at MAVEN pride themselves on always putting health and integrity of hair first. By working alongside the clients, the stylists are able to work in every step required to achieve desired results.


While performing world-class, exclusive hair services, MAVEN promises to deliver that small town moment and sense of community to each guest. Our talented team is proud to offer an environment of infectious joy, beauty, and well-being.

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