When we first opened MAVEN

When we first opened MAVEN, Danai and I knew we wanted it to be more than a salon where people went in and felt passed around between stylists and assistants. We wanted a space where each client would feel like the center of attention; complete focus on the task at hand by his or her chosen stylist.

One of the first things we committed to doing was to forget the days of booking and stacking appointments. We decided not only would this improve the client experience in our salon, but as stylists we would be able to really relax and focus; giving each client our undivided attention. That is sort of where the idea of MAVEN MOMENT originated.

A MAVEN is defined as someone who is a master of their craft. Your MAVEN MOMENT is your experience of having the entire devotion and dedication of a hair maven who serves as your personal guru in regards to your hair.

What we didn’t realize when we opened MAVEN with this unique culture in mind, was that a MAVEN MOMENT would become so much more than a transactional client experience.

During our years in business, we have, of course, turned out incredible hair and helped inspire and create hair dreams people didn’t even know possible. But apart from that, because of our focus on each client, we have built solid, meaningful relationships.

Our MAVEN MOMENTS have gone beyond just gorgeous hair.

We have been parts of people’s most celebrated occasions, and have been there to help pick up the pieces when life has been hard. We are always recommending the latest must watch binge shows, the best restaurants, and happy hours. We have shared personal stories in our community about hardships we have had to overcome, and created a safe space for people to open up about things as personal as domestic violence.

At MAVEN, everyone is welcome. Unlike the famous Mean Girls slogan, “You Can’t Sit With Us” – At our salon, we adopted the slogan “YOU CAN SIT WITH US.” Our salon is not designed to intimidate, it is designed to make people feel at home.

MAVEN MOMENTS empower women, and supports them. It removes jealousy and competition. MAVEN MOMENTS unite us, rather than divide. What was a simple instagram unique hashtag has become a way of life for everyone involved at MAVEN; clients and stylists.

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